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Since 1964

What is GoKart?

GoKart is a race around a track in fast machines. It is a family activity that makes the adrenaline pump and creates stories for life. It’s a sport that can show if you’re the next Hamilton.

Who can run GoKart?

Anyone can run GoKart. Big as small. We have 3 sizes of GoKarts, which can be adapted so that children and adults of all sizes can take a trip around the track at up to 85 km / h.

Why run GoKart?

GoKart is fun, exciting and wild! It is an activity for the whole family, which can unite and change. In the end, it’s a stomach ache that is not found anywhere else.

Race types


Grandprix is a race type with excitement! Here you are 6 people, or more, and run 6 races against each other. After each race, you switch to a new GoKart, and thereby collect points based on what number you become in the race. The one with the fewest points wins.

Minute prices

Go-kart Jylland Mou offers a minute drive on our go-kart track. That is, you can buy 15, 30, or 60 minutes, where you can freely roam around, and give the track record battle to the line. You can read more about the minute prices here.


Le-Mans is for those who are many. Here you are divided into teams, which get one go-kart each. Then a large race is run, lasting for example 2 hours. The team that has run the most laps when time has passed wins.

Formula 1 - NEW

Formula 1 is a traditional type of race, but with lots of speed, competition and fun! The race takes place with x minutes warm-up on the track, x minutes race for positions (pole position etc.) and x minutes race for the victory.


Gokart Jylland Mou is one of Denmark’s best GoKart courses, located in North Jutland, a little east of Aalborg. We are family owned and it has a wonderful effect on the atmosphere. With a family behind the company, you are guaranteed a pleasant experience, with speed!
Gokart Jylland Mou is an ideal course for everyone, whether you are a beginner, experienced, or an expert. It can be done because the course has it all. The long side where the accelerator can be pushed to the bottom. Twists that require you to keep your tongue straight in your mouth.

Race with business

Take a trip to Mou for a wonderful day of alternative team building in beautiful surroundings. We can accommodate all sizes of teams.

Gokart Jylland Mou offers varied solutions for the business community. Whether it is lawyers or craftsmen, we are ready to bring the competition gene forward in the employees, with a wonderful day on the field. Our different types of races make it possible to ride both in teams and individually. So whether you want everyone against everyone, or close groups cheering on each other, we can give you an experience that creates stories in the workplace in the years to come.

Teambuilding is an important tool in a business. GoKart provides the body with adrenaline, which simulates real-world situations not found elsewhere. Colleagues can create “ties” with dinner after the race, where fun episodes from the day can be shared. During their race they can feel support from each other with the cheers and cheers from the sideline cheering chorus.

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We had a great day on the field. It was so much fun for both my son and daughter!


The course is fun and technically challenging with good overtaking opportunities. The staff on the course are friendly and friendly, it is always a pleasure to visit Mou Gokart Course.


Best go-kart experience to date. Skilled staff and good course!

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