The running side

Before the race

Before all driving, you must go through a short briefing. At this briefing you will be introduced to your type of race, as well as general rules on the track. The most important rule before starting driving is no alcohol or other drugs. This means that it is not permitted to have consumed any type of alcohol or intoxicants before driving. Ifht. attire there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad attire. We lend helmet caps and helmets completely free, but if it is wet waiting, it is possible to buy rainwear in the Café. Also everyone must sign that they have read and understood the Mou Manifesto. To sign, it is a requirement that one must be of legal age (18 years). If you are not of legal age, a parent or other guardian must sign for the young person. The Mou Manifesto includes a number of rules for the act and behavior while driving and can be seen here.

Once the Mou Manifesto is signed and the briefing reviewed, the fun can begin. If you do it really well, or the top 3 must have a proof of their abilities, then you can buy medals and trophies in the Café. We also sell helmet caps with logo and year, if the race driver needs to have a memory to take home from what will definitely be an unforgettable day.

At Mou GoKart, we have also made the flash a positive thing. So when you race down the long side in a risky overtaking and see the flash from the camera, do not expect a fine with the mail. Instead, you can go home and find yourself on our Facebook page and maybe on this website.

Here you can read about the different races and race types

Minute prices

Minute drive is for everyone! Here, there is no requirement for the number of people for the race to become relevant. You buy 15, 30 or 60 minutes depending on your need. It is also possible to buy 2 x 15 minute tickets if half an hour at a time is too hard.

During the summer period, when the course has many visitors, there are often others on the course and it can be really fun! For all race types, your map is monitored on our monitor, so you can subsequently see your times and number of laps. Maybe you can beat the track record?

Billed af gokart kørsel nær Aalborg
Race start ved Mou Gokart Bane

Le Mans

Le Mans is ideal for larger groups and / or business trips. The race type is based on team driving, where each team gets a map and during the minimum 2 hours of driving, they must reach as many laps as possible. Just like when Tom Kristensen drives a 24 hour Le Mans, there are shifts along the way and here it should go fast! Our track monitor follows all the machines around the track, so you can get the fastest time afterwards. Our computer also keeps you constantly updated, so those who do not drive themselves can follow from the sidelines while cheering.

Formula 1

Formula 1 is a new type of race at Mou GoKart! This type of race is divided into 3 types of driving.
First, the machines and one’s racing skills must be warmed up.
This is done by driving x number of minutes around the track. Next, run for positions. This means that you have x number of minutes on the court to set the best possible time. The last step consists in all against all races. Here the race is started in the positions that you have driven to and the one who runs the course the most number of times wins. If you buy 40 or 60 minutes, several runs of the last part are run.

race foto nær Aalborg
God race på Mou gokart bane nær aalborg


Grandprix is an individual race. Everyone involved runs 6 heats in 6 different go-karts, from 6 different starting positions. We strive that if you are more than 6 men for a grand prix, then you run against different opponents in all heats. At the grand prix, a form will be handed out where you can see who is driving when and against whom. We are ready to assist you, because the faster you are between the heats and the shifts, the more time there is to drive. You get points depending on location. So if you become number 1, then you get 1 point and after all races have been run, we talk together. The race driver with the fewest points has won!
We have a podium at the track, where the 3 best can come up and have pictures taken. It is also possible to buy trophies, medals and champagne if you wish. For those who have built up an appetite, it is possible to enjoy our delicious barbecue buffet. It reportedly tastes extra good if you have won!

If you want more than 6 go-karts on the course at a time, this is also possible. The price is NOK 580 per extra go-kart per hour.
It is recommended that you book this type of race some time in advance.

You can see more about our selection of food in the Café .


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