About Banen & GoKarts

Mou GoKart-Bane

The course in the picture to the right is Denmark’s second oldest go-kart track. It has existed since 1964 and is about 650 meters long and 6-8 meters wide. It may not sound like much, but with karts with a top speed of over 80 km/h racing around it and its ‘hidden’ challenges, there are challenges for go-kart drivers of all levels. With hairpin turns and long sides requiring the right timing on the brake, it is not atypical for any of the skilled riders to be challenged.

The past year has offered changes in the course’s features. Where previously there were sandboxes that stopped a slightly too eager foot on the accelerator, it is now rubber mats. That means more driving time, instead of breaks in the “shame hook” while the engine was blown clean of sand.

Gokart Jylland Mou luft foto
Watch the video - Mou-Banen in bird's eye view

GoKart facts

  • DINO GoKarts from 2023 – a Danish quality product
  • DINO has produced more than 15,000 rental go-karts worldwide
  • 9hp Honda engine – many other tracks in Denmark: 6.5hp
  • 270cc – many other courses in Denmark: 200cc
  • Over 80 km/h – many other tracks run around 65 km/h
  • Extra seat inserts so that the seat fits most people
  • Adjustable pedals – neither long nor short legs are a problem!
  • De Haardt security system
  • Quick pull-up
  • Transponder – you can see your and the others’ lap times
  • Light and strong safety frame
  • Michael Schumacher started his career in a DINO Racer Map
  • We have GoKarts for almost all ages
Gokart Jylland Mou børne gokart

Anyone can go karting!

Our GoKarts come in 4 sizes. This means that we can give children and adults of all sizes a ride on the course. If the child is at least 4 years old and the adult is not older than 150, then GoKart is an option with us (our current age record is set by a 97-year-old young woman).

The GoKart shown in the picture to the left is our smallest model. Its top speed is, for safety reasons, not nearly as high as the primary GoKarts we use for adults. However, it can offer the speed-loving children a fun experience where they can feel the muscles behind the machine when they press the accelerator. We provide a thorough introduction before they take the first lap on the field on their own. That way we ensure smiles and happy days. We therefore recommend that you call inside with the young sprouts, so we are sure that we have time to give them a good and pleasant experience.

If you have questions about your child’s options for driving a GoKart with us, you are very welcome to call.

The perfect trip

Our freshly drawn starting grid sets the ideal setting for a race. The race drivers keep ready behind the line, and when the starting shot goes at the green light, they can feel the machines and hear the engines in a race up the long side before meeting the first turn. Who dares to wait the longest to press the brake and who waits too long.

It can all be decided at the first turn.

Polterabend start foto

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